Angelina Walker

Director of Nursing Content and Social Media

When Angelina was born prematurely it wasn’t superheroes who fought for three months to save her life — it was nurses. Needless to say, nurses hold a special place in her heart.

As Director of Social and Content for, Angelina has her finger on the pulse of nursing. She specializes in warmly engaging with the nursing community and exponentially growing our social presence.

With a degree in ethnic, gender and labor studies from the University of Washington, Angelina had big plans to save the world. She helped marginalized communities as a social worker, advocated for ‘at-risk’ youth as a pageant queen and traveled the world teaching Yoga.

Earth is a massive planet to save, so she became a nurse recruiter. This led to a nursing YouTube channel and a career in social media and content marketing. At Full Beaker Angelina continues to help nurses like those who saved her life so many years ago.