Bryan Lee

Business Analyst

Bryan is a former Stetson-donning, cigar-chomping, bourbon-swilling, saber-swinging, and aviator-wearing cavalry officer in the Army who happens to be a master of Powerpoint and Excel. He felt there was more in the world of data analysis and fancy mathematics and returned to school for his graduate degree, where he became a convert to the Nate Silver method of data analysis and an advocate of data-driven decisions. In his off-time, Bryan indulges his 90s nostalgia by reliving the Mighty Ducks as he plays hockey. He also follows the Angels in baseball, and enjoys arguing whether a film is improved by replacing the lead actor with Nicholas Cage or Dwayne Johnson. He has yet to master the perfect French omelet or a pavlova. His primary dislike is referring to himself in the third-person.

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