Sagar Lathia

Product Manager

Let’s get this cleared up right away - it’s pronounced like “soccer”, but with a “G”. We cool?

When Sagar isn’t giving a master class on his name, he is always thinking about product. If you put your stakeholder needs first, success always follows - that is Sagar’s philosophy.

In his time out of the office, Sagar loves mixing his mind for structure with his creative side in the form of recording podcasts, taking salsa classes, and most importantly, pretending to be the Gordon Ramsay of his kitchen.

So what is the intersection of product and cooking? The recipe for great products, of course:

Take your team, add to it:

  • A dash of creativity
  • A pinch of structure and organization
  • A dollop of stakeholder empathy
  • A spoonful of transparency and alignment
  • A heaping handful of analytics

Mix well, and put into your testing oven until significance. Once done, let it rest before make any further improvements. Remember to keep an eye on it throughout the process.

There you have it - the easiest and best recipe for great products*

*Results may vary.