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Vicky Prezeau


With a Haitian surname and a curious mid-Atlantic twang which persists despite her best efforts to lose it, Vicky’s origins are a frequent source of speculation. Although surprising to many, she was born in Manchester, England and her route to leading a tech company in Seattle was via a Cambridge University degree, a Stanford MBA and many years in Silicon Valley. Her diverse career (including stints as a management consultant and a venture capitalist before finding her true home in marketing) has taught her that she thrives when working with a relatively small group of highly motivated people, all running very quickly towards an exciting goal – welcome to Full Beaker!

When she’s neither working nor being schooled by her kids, you’ll find Vicky exploring the globe, enjoying the theatre, getting beaten at tennis, or careening down a ski slope in an almost-controlled fashion, leaving a characteristically British trail of apologies in her wake.