Frontend Engineer

Join our awesome team!

Full Beaker is looking for a passionate and enthusiastic frontend developer to join our team!

About Full Beaker

Full Beaker is a small but mighty company that focuses on helping consumers make informed decisions. We're currently focused on two areas: helping people obtain or refinance mortgages, and helping nurses find jobs. We maintain a highly-collaborative environment where everyone is encouraged to take initiative and own the solutions to the problems they identify. We believe in hiring smart people and supporting them while they do great things (in other words, we don't micromanage).

We provide full-time employees with full benefits including medical, dental, and vision coverage with available coverage for close family members. We also provide a matching 401(k) program, performance bonuses, 3 weeks of paid vacation, 12 weeks of paid parental leave, and a sick PTO policy that boils down to "don't come in until you feel better".

We're currently hiring a frontend developer to help our team achieve the numerous goals we've set for ourselves.

What you'll do on a day-to-day basis

  • Build new features and products. We have tons of ideas that need to be prototyped, tested, and eventually released. Some won't work, some will need a massive amount of iteration, and others might turn out great. Whatever the outcome, you'll gain a massive amount of experience in the process.
  • Support and improve existing websites and products. We're currently in charge of 5 different websites and 3 embeddable products, and they all require maintenance. Find a bug? Fix it. Find a slow page? Refactor it. Want to try out a different API? Go for it.
  • Help us make smart architectural decisions. We want our products to be scalable, safe, and cheap to host, which is why we strive to make smart decisions when building things. Having multiple perspectives is the best way to achieve this goal.
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate. Our team doesn't work in a vacuum. Everything we do has an impact on the business, which means we're constantly communicating with other teams. One team might ask for a new feature that would impact another team negatively, so we're in charge of figuring that out. When we mess something up (and all of us has, it's how we learn!) we communicate our mistakes to maintain a healthy and supportive culture.

To succeed in this job, you'll need:

  • Experience with modern JavaScript. We use JavaScript all the time, and we've started building some TypeScript applications. We don't expect you to know about the latest ES9 proposals, but solid fundamentals and practical experience are required.
  • Previous experience with JS frameworks. We mainly use React, but experience with Vue, Angular, or similar is a plus.
  • An understanding of the concept of static sites. You know the advantages and drawbacks of building static websites, and you've dabbled in Hugo, Gatsby, Jekyll, Next, Metalsmith, or any other static site generators.
  • The ability to work with APIs. You will be asked to integrate with dozens of different APIs — both internal and external — so it's important that you're comfortable doing so.
  • The willingness to document everything. Frontend developers are an essential part of Full Beaker and our work affects every team, so it's important that we document all of our products thoroughly.
  • The drive to dig through legacy codebases. You'll have to support very old code that works one way or another "because we haven't fixed it yet". You'll need to be patient and pragmatic — we only refactor systems if they'll improve the developer experience or add value to our business.
  • An eye for design and good UX. We believe that good design is the best way to communicate with our consumers, so we value a critical eye and a people-focused perspective.

Nice-to-haves, but not required:

  • Experience with WordPress
  • Experience writing unit and integration tests
  • Experience prototyping products and adapting requirements on the fly

You'll enjoy working here if:

  • You're proactive and ask questions. You don't like sitting around waiting for issues to appear or work to be assigned to you. You're happy to jump in and actively start working on improving other things. Once you're aware of pain points, you're happy to go out on your own and make improvements or create documentation without being asked.
  • You're interested in using modern JavaScript and APIs. You love things like React, Gatsby, Contentful, TypeScript, AirTable, Sentry, and Cypress. You're eager to learn and teach the team new things, and to architect solutions using a new technology you aren't too familiar with.
  • You pride yourself on doing your best work. We believe that perfection isn't an end goal, but rather a state of mind. You should always strive to create the best work of your life.

The best things about this job:

  • You'll work in a safe and open environment with talented people who have a broad range of experience.
  • You'll enjoy creative freedom when building new things and improving existing products.
  • You'll be supported, but never micromanaged.
  • You'll be encouraged to learn: we provide a $1500 budget per year that covers books, courses, and conferences.

Things you should know:

  • We have a fair amount of legacy code to maintain or refactor. We're working on it!
  • We prefer to have everyone work together in the same space, which means we don't want people working remotely if they aren't sick or traveling.
  • Priorities can change often, due to the industry we're in. We know context-switching sucks, but it's to be expected.
  • We don't have a design team, so being comfortable designing and using Sketch is a plus.

Here's what you can expect from our interview process:

  • We'll ask you to complete an assignment — at home, on your own time. We'll give you all the details, but feel free to ask clarifying questions and to be creative.
  • You'll spend some time talking with HR, an engineering manager, our CEO, and our founder. During those conversations, we'll be looking to assess whether you're a good cultural fit and that make sure our values are aligned. We encourage you to come prepared with as many questions as possible to determine whether we're a good fit for you!
  • You'll meet with our frontend developers. Expect the discussions to be more technical, but rest assured that we won't ask you to whiteboard an obscure sorting algorithm you've never used. Instead, we'll probably ask you about your favorite languages, tools, and frameworks. We'll go over your assignment and probably ask you about your technical decisions., We'll discuss some practical problems and we'll try to come up with a solution together. This is an opportunity for you to understand what you'll be doing if you join the team, and to figure out whether we could work together happily and effectively.
  • After all these interviews, we'll get together internally and figure out the next steps. If we're not 100% sure about our decision, we'll ask you to come back in. We understand that this is a hurdle, but we want to be as thorough and thoughtful as possible when making hiring decisions because we value our team so much.

Our company values

We want to make sure our company values are emulated by everyone at Full Beaker. You can read more about them on this page.

How to apply

If you're excited about this job, please email with your resume.

Please include anything you'd like to show off: your portfolio site, GitHub profile, links to projects you've worked on, etc. We understand that some jobs don't allow sharing source code or even the finished products, so please don't worry about that. We also know that most people don't spend all their free time coding, so please don't be discouraged if that's the case.

If you're not sure whether you meet all the criteria, apply anyway. It's our job to filter people out. And finally, we strongly encourage womxn people of color to apply because we believe that inclusivity is a strength.

If you have any questions about the position or the company, please reach out to or contact our devs on twitter @_deammer and @techflor.