Manager, Digital Marketing

Full Beaker is hiring 3-4 managers that aspire to become the future executive leaders of a digital marketing company. If you’ve got the proven strategic, analytic, and execution skills to make a real difference to a fast-paced company, read on!

What you’ll do on a day-to-day basis

The goal of this role is to transform current managers into our future executive leaders. Rather than being focused on one particular function, throughout your tenure you will have the opportunity to rotate through a wide variety of digital marketing functions, including email, paid media, SEO, content, analytics, business development and more. On any given day, you may be building pricing models with our analytics team and CEO; researching SEO keyword opportunities for our content teams; pitching marketing opportunities to new business partners with our business development team; or working with our executive team on company wide goal setting.

Skills and experience required

Each 6-12 month rotation will build your strategic, analytic and operational knowledge, giving you the robust foundation you need to become a true leader in digital marketing. To succeed at this opportunity it is essential that you are:

  • Flexible - by design, your project focus and day to day manager will change numerous times during your career at Full Beaker.

  • Driven by results - whatever project you are working on, you’ll be measured on your results. If you’re the kind of person that can’t wait to wake up in the morning to see what numbers you delivered yesterday - and how you’ll deliver even more today - you’ll love this role.

  • An incessant problem solver - when something goes wrong, your first thought is “how do I fix that”? And, if you think there is a better way to do something, you instinctively set about finding and implementing it.

  • Never inclined to say “that’s not my job” - you appreciate that, to earn a leadership position in a business, you first need to understand the core skills required in each function…so you’ll be excited to do everything from (metaphorically) sweeping the floor to making executive decisions. We’re a “get stuff done” place, so if something needs doing, it’s all hands to the wheel.

  • Highly analytical - our business runs on numbers. There’s no need for a data science degree or fluency with calculus, but you need to be a whiz in Excel/Google Sheets (comfortable with Pivot Tables, vlookup, etc), be able to instinctively understand what numbers are telling you and be able to spot erroneous data at 100 paces.

  • A savvy operator - you’ll need proven execution skills and the tenacity to overcome obstacles, break down walls and make things happen.  

  • Hypothesis-driven and analytic - we don’t just “do stuff”, we focus on things that move the needle and impact the business. You’ll need to be an expert at developing hypotheses, testing them, and deciding what to do based on rigorous analysis of the data.

  • Always prioritizing - there is a lot to do, so you’ll need to focus your time on the things that will make the most impact.

Although not required, ideally you will also have

  • 4-7 years experience in a consumer-facing digital marketing company where analysis and execution were required to be successful. However, your previous work experience is less important than you having the intrinsic qualities that we know you’ll need to thrive at Full Beaker.

  • Previous experience in one or more digital marketing roles preferred (SEO, paid media, email marketing, social marketing and community building, campaign analytics, etc.). 

  • A strong interest in understanding and testing new marketing tactics to engage consumers throughout the acquisition funnel

  • Experience with analytical/reporting tools or systems (such as Data Studio, Redash, Google Analytics) and project tracking systems (Jira/Confluence; Asana, etc.) 

Other job requirements

  • Successful applicants must live in the US, in the Pacific Time Zone, ideally within commutable distance of either Bellevue, WA or San Mateo, CA. 

  • Although, generally speaking, Full Beaker is a remote work environment, the breadth of this particular role requires that you spend significant time in person with more experienced members of our team. We expect you to work, as needed, in your local office (whether San Mateo, CA or Bellevue WA). In addition, if required, you should also be comfortable traveling 3 days per month to visit out of state team members.

The best things about this job

  • This is a highly cross-functional role across the entire business and is uniquely designed for someone looking for a general marketing management career path.  If you over-deliver in this role, there will be a clear path to operational roles such as running a media property or business unit.

  • The company culture. Full Beaker is packed with talented, low-ego people who thrive in a fast-moving, innovative, and entrepreneurial environment. Everyone sets ambitious goals - and then has the freedom to flex their muscles to make them happen. There’s plenty of support when you want it, but also the opportunity, and indeed an expectation, to take initiative and make a dramatic difference to our business.

  • You’ll be supported but never micro-managed.

About Full Beaker 

Our passion is to help people make some of the most important decisions of their lives, including getting an education, finding a job, and securing a mortgage. We do this through our industry-leading websites, which include and, and with a high-performing team of fewer than 50 people.

When you work at Full Beaker, you can count on changing the world for the better. In 2020 we were at the forefront of informing nurses about COVID-19 developments, helping home buyers purchase their first homes at record-low mortgage rates, and guiding future students in seeking the right educational path for their career goals. This consumer-focused model has never let us down. We’re well-funded, high growth, and have been profitable every year since our business began.

No one at Full Beaker is afraid of hard work and everyone instinctively rolls up their sleeves to help wherever and whenever it’s needed. This is a team sport, and we all succeed together. Even though we love what we do, we ruthlessly prioritize our tasks to make sure there is plenty of time to enjoy our families, friends, pets, and outside interests too.

We provide full-time employees with full benefits including medical, dental, and vision coverage with available coverage for close family members. We also provide a matching 401(k) program, performance bonuses, a $1,500 professional development budget, 3 weeks of paid vacation, 12 weeks of paid parental leave, and a sick PTO policy that boils down to "don't come in until you feel better".

While the majority of our team is in Bellevue, WA, we are a diverse and distributed bunch, with folks in the California Bay Area, San Diego, Chicago, Kansas City, Charlotte, Las Vegas, Ft. Lauderdale and Argentina.

We’re proud of our values. We think you’ll like them too. 

Sound like your kind of place? Come on in, the water’s lovely.

How to apply

  • Email your resume to 

  • If you're not sure whether you meet all the criteria, apply anyway. It's our job to filter people out.

  • If you have any questions about the position or the company, please reach out to 

Full Beaker, Inc. is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, and protected veterans’ status or any other characteristic protected by law.