Engineering & Operations Team

Full Beaker’s engineering team is the engine that drives the company. We are responsible for delivering the features and tools that bring value to our customers and enable our business partners. Our work style is inclusive and communicative, with everyone pitching in and helping their teammates where they can. We embody agility, focusing on high-impact tasks while never losing sight of the big picture.

Meet the team

A day in the life Of the Engineering team

  • Come to work and make yourself a cup of coffee, sign in to Slack and send your standup updates to your teammates.

  • Check email, and settle in to work on the tasks your team has decided are top priorities for that cycle.

  • Take a morning snack break and catch up on the latest GraphQL news in the break room

  • After having lunch with some of your teammates, take advantage of our quiet floor for some focused development time

  • Meet with your business partners to discuss scoping a new feature for our customers.

  • Take a look at the latest pull requests against our GitHub repos, and provide feedback to your teammates. The engineering team values quality, and this is one way you can participate in that commitment.

  • Jump into a conference room and resolve a tough design question with a white boarding session.