This is Finance & Compliance

We enable the business to do business!

We make sure that Finance, HR, Quality, Regulatory, and Compliance are all seamlessly handled, so the business can move forward and grow successfully. We provide information and insights that allow other areas of business to make smart, well informed decisions. Because our team handles a large variety of organizational areas, it’s important that we stay focused, and that communication, both inside and outside the group, is effective.

Meet the team

A day in the life Of the Finance & Compliance team

  • Get together for weekly team meeting

  • Put on our regulatory hat and reach out to state regulatory agencies regarding our mortgage licenses

  • Put on our finance hat to create and deliver financial information to the team

  • Put on our compliance hat and review the current marketing ads

  • Lunch at the local ramen house!

  • Put on our quality hat and organize a cross-team meeting to discuss lead quality and plans for launching new sources

  • Put on our community event hat and get folks together to plan the next company quarterly event

  • Put on our HR hat to welcome new hires and run through on-boarding paperwork

  • Grab a coffee or tea and discuss options for the new quiet workspace…who knows which hat that is?

  • Put on our finance hat to process payroll and ensure all reimbursements are entered into the finance system

  • Find new hats to wear!!!